wrap1 [ ræp ] verb transitive **
wrap or wrap up to cover something by putting something such as paper or cloth around it:
Keep the cheeses fresh by wrapping each one individually.
wrap something (up) in something: We decided to wrap the dogs up in blankets.
`wrap ,round or `wrap a,round phrasal verb transitive
wrap something around/round something to put something around something else:
Each cake has a bright red ribbon wrapped round it.
He grabbed a towel to wrap round his waist.
We see couples with their arms wrapped round each other.
,wrap `up phrasal verb
1. ) transitive same as WRAP1:
We've just finished wrapping up Susie's birthday present.
2. ) intransitive or transitive to wear enough clothes to keep you warm:
I could hear my mother telling me to wrap up warm.
a ) transitive to put warm clothes on a child:
Keep the baby well wrapped up in the early weeks.
3. ) intransitive or transitive INFORMAL to finish something:
Each meeting is wrapped up with a speech from the manager.
4. ) transitive INFORMAL to achieve something such as a victory or an agreement:
Negotiators are confident they can wrap up a deal soon.
be wrapped up in something
to spend so much time doing something or thinking about it that you do not notice anything else:
She's so wrapped up in herself that she rarely calls me.
wrap 2 [ ræp ] noun
1. ) uncount plastic or paper that you use for covering something:
Cover each dish with plastic wrap.
2. ) count a piece of cloth that a woman wears around her waist as a skirt or around her shoulders as a SHAWL
it's/that's a wrap VERY INFORMAL
used for showing that you have finished something
keep something under wraps INFORMAL
to keep something secret
take/pull the wraps off something INFORMAL
to show or tell people something that has been kept secret

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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